June 20th, 2013 – Daytona Beach, Florida

IASCA welcomes its first Industry Member from China

IASCA’s mission to promote the mobile electronics industry has gained momentum in Asia in the last five years; with renewed affiliations in China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and India, large scale events promoting the industry and IASCA competition in these countries have grown substantially. Many Asian manufacturers are seeing the positive impact IASCA is having and are looking to capitalize on the opportunities the events present to them to gain exposure in the market.

The first such Asian company to support IASCA Worldwide in its global efforts is the Shenzhen Dhyana Environmental Technology Company, makers of AceMat sound deadening products.  The makers of AceMat are pioneers in China devoted to acoustic control in automotive sound systems; since 2001, the company has devoted itself to manufacturing innovative sound damping products.

“Since our beginning, we have strived to manufacture quality products that enhance the driving experience” said Kit Lee, COO of Shenzhen Dhyana “Our products provide the ideal balance of noise reduction and vibration damping to enhance sound quality in a vehicle. We are the most popular brand in Asia and are looking to expand into the global market; with IASCA’s global reach, we are confident that our support of IASCA’s efforts will help us to grow.”

“As the leader in automotive acoustic control products in Asia, the AceMat product has proven itself in IASCA competition throughout the continent.” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations at IASCA Worldwide “IASCA competitors from many Asian nations use the AceMat product and are very happy with its performance. IASCA is happy to help Dhyana seek new market opportunities globally and will do all we can to assist in their growth outside of the Asian market.”

For more information on Shenzhen Dhyana Environmental Company and AceMat products, visit their website at For distributor opportunities, contact Kit Lee at For more information on IASCA and Industry Membership support, contact Moe Sabourin at