Competition of any kind requires a substantial commitment by the participant, especially in time and in effort. Therefore, it’s no surprise that with this commitment comes an equally strong desire to experience the thrill of victory. The IASCA competition formats are not only designed to offer a fair and unbiased competition experience with its rules, classification and judging; we provide participants with the benefits of receiving feedback and advice based on the knowledge of our IASCA Certified Judges.

Participating in an officially sanctioned IASCA competition ensures the credibility of the judging process and enables you to meet others who share your passion. By networking with fellow competitors and witnessing other systems in competition, those who desire the best performance from their vehicle can learn of ways to improve it when exposed to this process. In all, it’s great fun and a wonderful learning experience. Through the years, many competitors have actually parleyed their competition experience into a career within the industry.

The path to winning can and most likely will be long and hard. It’s inevitable that along the way you will at some time experience a loss; however, it can be easily accepted if you consider that what you’ll have gained are new ideas to improve your system from the comments and evaluation on the IASCA score sheet.

After competition, we recommend taking that score sheet to the nearest IASCA retailer for a  consultation on how to improve each score. An IASCA retailer will be able to offer advice, products and installation techniques which can help you achieve your goal of reproducing the most accurate sound in your vehicle.

The IASCA rule book represents the criteria for evaluating your system, which has become the industry standard. Its content can help you to improve the sound performance of your vehicle whether you choose to compete or not.


IASCA competition is about helping you to learn how to improve your system and have it performing at the highest level possible. In Sound and Installation Quality competition, score sheets reflect the strong points of your system as well as areas where you can improve. When an IASCA Certified Judge evaluates your vehicle, they will write notes on these areas and offer suggestions on how to improve.

At the top level of competition, those with experience compete against each other to see who has the better system and who has improved the most!

Just remember, build your sytem to what you like and go compete at IASCA sanctioned competitions; then, learn from what the judges teach you and improve on what you’ve built! Who knows, some day you may be the one teaching others!