UK (United Kingdom)

IASCA UK covers all United Kingdom countries; Ireland, Scotland and England and is home to some of IASCA Worldwide’s top Judges.

IASCA UK Director John (JR) Robinson began his car audio career as a competitor, being the first non American competitor to compete at the IASCA World Finals in the USA. John shipped his vehicle by Fed Ex to the IASCA Finals where he competed and placed in the top 5 in his class. JR is one of IASCA’s top SQC Judges and has traveled extensively around the world judging at IASCA events.

IQC Judge Andrew Fleming hails from Belfast in Northern Ireland and was instrumental in helping build JR’s top 5 World Finals vehicle; he built an enclosure to house 4 JBL 15 inch subwoofers entirely out of plexiglass (or as they call it in the UK… perspex). Andrew’s abilities made him one of the most respected and feared IQC Judges in the IASCA judging ranks worldwide.

Also out of the UK come two other world class SQC Judges; JR’s wife Vanda and Brian McMillan from England. Vanda is also an experienced equestrian who helped with judging scoring at the equestrian competitions held at the 2012 Olympic Games in England. Vanda is well respected for her judging skills, mainly in the UK but also at the Spring Break Nationals event in Daytona Beach, Florida. Brian, an electronics repair technician, has judged for IASCA internationally (Malta, USA) as well as at home in the UK; he is best known for his positivity and working with competitors to help them improve.

Due to the European economic situation, car audio events in Europe and the UK have diminished greatly; the IASCA UK team now devotes themselves to working with IASCA Worldwide at international events until such a time as the economy starts to improve in their homeland.

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