IASCA Latinoamerica

IASCA Latinoamerica has been around almost as long as IASCA has; they celebrated their 18th year of affiliation with IASCA Worldwide in 2012.

Headed by IASCA Latinoamerica President Javier Pardo, the affiliation covers numerous South and Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Panama.

The Crown Jewel in the IASCA Latinoamerica event schedule is the annual Finals event, known as the Campeonato Sonido Sobre Ruedas. This event attracts more than 30,000 spectators each year and is home to more than 400 IASCA competitors from all over South America; it is likely the largest IASCA event on the planet. The event not only features regular IASCA competition in Sound Quality, SPL and Tuner cars (Tuning as it is known in South America), but also features a competition called SPL Open Show, where competitors literally drive around a track playing their music for the crowd and it’s the crowd that determines the winner. More than 5,000 spectators come to the event strictly for the SPL Open Show…

Along with the car audio competitions, the event is well known for its other spectacles taking place during the weekend, such as rock band competitions, stunt motorcycle shows and the famous “Chicas Car Audio” Fashion Show that has become legendary in car audio circles around the world.

For more information on IASCA Latinoamerica, visit their website at www.sonidocolombia.com

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