IASCA Deems Co-Joined Finals a Success

Statements like “This show truly feels like a true ‘Finals’ events again” and “One of the best shows I have ever attended as a competitor” were heard throughout the weekend at the Co-Joined Finals event featuring annual finals events for IASCA, USACi and dB Drag Racing.

With well over 300 registrations, the Marsh Blue Ribbon Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana was packed with cars, vendors and competition.

Special thanks from all three organizations goes out to the retailers and vendors who supported the effort; without them, the show would not have been a success. Among the participating manufacturers were Scosche, XS Power, Kicker, Ohio Generator, Hybrid Audio Technologies, Metra, dB Drive, B2 Audio, Alpine, Kinetik, Audio Technix and Tantric Technologies. Retailers who supported the event through booth spaces and show vehicles include, Perk’s Audio, Audio Plus and Cartronix.

A competition schedule was also devised for the different competition formats and each organization worked together to schedule their competitions so they did not overlap the other formats. It was also the first year for a “Noise Free” zone at the show, allowing spectators the ability to watch the show without the usual excessive noise floor to contend with. It also presented a great opportunity for USACi and IASCA sound quality judging to be performed while there was no noise. The “Noise Free” zone was a great success and everyone appreciated the “quiet time”. SPL competitors were very respectful of the noise free zone and were very happy that the SPL competition was moved into the afternoon.

“IASCA would like to thank our judging staff and each and every competitor and retailer that supported the show.” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Worldwide Operations for IASCA “Between the satellite locations and the main event, IASCA competition had more than 200 registrations, which was a welcome sight. With close to 100 registrations in sound quality competition alone, the proof was there that sound quality competition is far from dead. We’re very excited at the prospects for the 2013 season in all competition formats.”

 What a great show!” Said Wayne Harris, President of dB Drag Racing “To me, it was reminiscent of events from late 90s.Officiating went smoothly and coordination between organizations was excellent. And, it was nice having the quiet time in the morning. This allowed the SQ judges to spend quality time with those contestants. In addition, the SPL classifications were more efficient. A big thanks to everyone involved with the show.”

“I feel the event was a great effort by all parties involved and came off without a hitch.” stated USACi President Ralph Randall ” As we continue to work together on a joint finals I feel confident the participation by both competitors and manufacturers will continue to grow. So far 100% of the feedback we have received from our competitors was positive.”

IASCA President Paul Papadeas stated  It’s great to see the Soundoff Finals event unify the IASCA, dB Drag Racing and USACi organizations into one forum. This vision, more than 10 years old, has finally come to fruition. Event logistics were very manageable and the venue was most accommodating.”

Competitors from all over the continent came to the event to compete and many just came out to check out the show. There were competitors from as far away as California, Western Canada and even competitors from Mexico at the event.

IASCA, USACi, and dBDRA Announce Joint Finals

The car stereo competition formats of the dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA), International Autosound Challenge Association (IASCA) and the United States Autosound Competition International (USACi) are joining as partners to produce a joint finals event. The event will be held in the Blue Ribbon Hall at the Indiana State fairgrounds and allow for competitors to compete in multiple formats all under one roof. Indianapolis is within a day’s drive or less for more than 50% of the U.S. population.

“IASCA Worldwide Inc. is very excited to be part of this event and working with dB Drag and USACi” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA “The event is not about one specific organization; we’re all coming together and coordinating this event as a whole, not as three separate orgs. This is a collaborative effort to show industry a unified effort for its benefit, something that Paul Papadeas has been working to realize for more than 15 years. SPL competition will work the same as it did in Daytona in March and we’re working on something unique for our sound quality membership across the country.”

According to Wayne Harris, President of the dB Drag Racing Association, “The dBDRA is a proud partner in this historic endeavor. From our perspective, everyone will benefit. Co-location allows competitors to participate in multiple formats without incurring the additional traveling expenses associated with attending multiple events. Exhibitors benefit for many of these very same reasons. And the sound-off organizations benefit by sharing many of the costs associated with producing a Finals event. Best of all, bringing everyone together will create a “critical mass”, so to speak. Anytime you bring a large contingent of auto sound enthusiasts together, you are bound to have a good time. I can’t wait!”

“This event is a must see for anyone interested in fully customized cars and their car stereos. Extreme vehicles with walls of woofers and thousands of watts of power go head-to-head to see who really has the loudest car stereo system. This show is professionally orchestrated with live internet broadcast, video displays, light towers, and vendor booths.” Harris continued to say.

“For years the 12-volt industry has been clamoring for a joint event to celebrate all that is 12-volt electronics. After many years of separate events by multiple organizations, I am proud that USACI is able to become part of the industry’s first ever truly unified finals event. I have the highest hopes that this collaboration will lead to further cooperation and eventually a kind of unification of the organizations for the benefit of the industry as a whole. This is a groundbreaking event and I am excited to see how the industry responds with support both in participation and in promotion of this effort. The 2012 Unified Finals will be an event that defines the industry,” according to Ralph Randall, USACi president.

For more information on exhibiting or sponsorships at the event, please contact one of the organization representatives or the show coordinator.

IASCA welcomes Kinetik as an IASCA Industry Supporter Member for the 5th year

Kinetik Batteries of Toledo, Ohio has renewed their support of IASCA as an Industry Supporter Member for 2012.

“We’re very proud to receive Kinetik’s support again in 2012” said Moe Sabourin, IASCA’s Director of Operations “Shannon Harmon and the team at Kinetik see the value of IASCA’s marketing strategies for the mobile electronics industry and want to be part of the program.”

Kinetik has not only renewed their support of IASCA for 2012, but has also stepped up to support the IASCA Special Events Unit trailer, by investing in three advertising spots on the unit that will be featured and numerous events across the USA this year.

In a press release issued by Kinetik this week, Harmon stated that Kinetik is pleased to announce its renewal of support for IASCA this season.  “IASCA represents the best in people, brands and trends within car audio today and Kinetik is excited to work with this group once again. IASCA brings grass roots car audio enthusiasts into the mainstream and it’s the perfect platform for Kinetik to connect with its intended audience.” Harmon continued to say  “IASCA’s commitment to fair and quality competition in the auto-sound industry is outstanding and their ability to connect consumers with manufacturers will keep us coming back year after year.”