IASCA Worldwide hosts first of its kind Advanced Sound Quality Training seminar at Mobile Soundstage Engineering in Bixby, OK

IASCA Worldwide hosted the first of its kind Advanced Sound Quality Training Seminar for 11 top IASCA SQ Judges on March 11, 2023 at Mobile Soundstage Engineering in Bixby, Oklahoma. IASCA’s Advisory Group selected specific experienced Judges to attend the seminar by invitation only.

The training was conducted by IASCA President Travis Chin and IASCA World Finals Champion Harry Kimura at another multiple IASCA World Finals Champion, Mark Eldridge’s, facility. Travis Chin presented IASCA’s mission and goals for the future, Harry Kimura reviewed recording differences, Judges’ conduct and rules changes while Mark Eldridge provided the systems, his NASCAR Cup Car and system, and invaluable experience and knowledge to the participants.

The training focused on many factors in sound quality listening and judging, going far beyond the basics of traditional IASCA Sound Quality Judges’ Training seminars. Multiple reference systems from the MSE facility were utilized in the training to highlight the differences between variable listening experiences. The systems have the ability to “inject” errors into the playback that mimic common issues in the competition lanes, allowing Judges to hear the difference. Even the multiple IASCA Championship winning NASCAR Cup Car built by Mark Eldridge was dialed in for in car demos.

IASCA also approved new sound quality judging material for competition, that will replace the current IASCA Sound Quality Reference CD next season.

“Having this level of advanced training has been in the works for the past couple years now.”  said IASCA President Travis Chin. “Harry Kimura’s and Mark Eldridge’s knowledge, experience and history with IASCA was extremely beneficial to the group and using Mark’s facility worked perfectly to achieve our goal. IASCA Worldwide endorses these Advanced Sound Quality courses for anyone, individual, competitor or Judge, who wants to learn more about true sound quality; these courses are invaluable!”

“After visiting MSE last year, I realized that this would be the ideal place to have an IASCA Judges Training, with the availability of multiple external reference sound systems, Mark’s NASCAR Cup Car system and live instruments.” said IASCA Judge Harry Kimura.  “As an IASCA Judge since 1994, I can vouch that it’s a complete evaluation environment for Judges! Well trained Judges are one of the highest valued assets for any sanctioning organization as it maintains the highest levels of integrity within an organization.” Kimura continued to say “IASCA has made a commitment to ensuring that their training is second to none and with that, integrity is ensured.”

“I was approached by IASCA President and top IASCA Judge Harry Kimura last year regarding the project.”  said MSE President Mark Eldridge. “It was an amazing day; we put together a full day of listening, discussion and demonstrations. I know there have been IASCA Judges Trainings in the past, but nothing at this level. I loved every minute of it and look forward to the next seminar!”

With the success of this seminar, plans are to make this training an annual invitation only event.

For more information on IASCA Worldwide and the Advanced Sound Quality Training seminar, visit iasca.com or contact President Travis Chin at [email protected]. For more information on Mobile Soundstage Engineering, contact Mark Eldridge at [email protected].