IASCA (an acronym for the International Auto Sound Challenge Association) is a marketing association focused on the exposure and growth of the mobile electronics industry at all levels through the promotion of car audio system competitions called “Soundoffs”.

More than 34 countries worldwide follow IASCA’s standards for great sound and quality installations, which truly makes us “The Standard By Which Great Mobile Electronics Performance Is Measured”.

From the average consumer on the street to the top competitors, dealers and manufacturers, IASCA will continue to set the standard so that each and every one of us can enjoy music the way it’s meant to sound.

Welcome to our community; please browse our website and learn what quality mobile electronics products are all about!


IASCA Downloads

Sundown Audio

At Sundown Audio we have one goal in mind, and that is total customer satisfaction. Sundown Audio only builds and sells products that meet our exacting standards for quality. Our products are all built to last and to be something you can be proud to own for years to come.

For more information on Sundown Audio, visit their website at www.sundownaudio.com.

US Acoustics

US Acoustics has been synonymous with innovation, power, performance, quality and reliability for over 25 years. Using cutting-edge technology US Acoustics has raised the bar as the latest standard in Car Audio. Our philosophy is to bring you the Highest Quality Sound, unparalleled service and the latest innovationin Mobile Electronics.


US Acoustics has been a leader in quality and performance since our humble beginnings in the early 90’s. Whether you are looking to create a concert quality clear sound system that puts you in the front row or an SPL system with bone rattling BadAss bass, US Acoustics will bring it home.


US Acoustics Amplifiers bring back the Old School quality of audio with our Class(y) AB Ladies Wendy, Andrea, Lisa and Barbara Ann. Bring it on with our High Tech brawlers Mike, Nick and Big Ben creating pounding power for your subs. The technology behind US Acoustics is second to none utilizing the latest advancements in analog and “D” Class electronic design and components. US Acoustics engineers take great pride in delivering the highest quality of sound and peak performance, never sacrificing quality over cost.

US Acoustics is committed to supporting trained Professional Dealers.

Come visit our site at www.usacousticsca.com