IASCA (an acronym for the International Auto Sound Challenge Association) is a marketing association focused on the exposure and growth of the mobile electronics industry at all levels through the promotion of car audio system competitions called “Soundoffs”.

More than 34 countries worldwide follow IASCA’s standards for great sound and quality installations, which truly makes us “The Standard By Which Great Mobile Electronics Performance Is Measured”.

From the average consumer on the street to the top competitors, dealers and manufacturers, IASCA will continue to set the standard so that each and every one of us can enjoy music the way it’s meant to sound.

Welcome to our community; please browse our website and learn what quality mobile electronics products are all about!


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Retail Dealer

IASCA knows that that our mobile electronics industry is an industry of specialists and the installation, tuning and service of mobile electronics products should be left to professionals who are specialists in the field.

No one knows better how to install, tune, and design and troubleshoot a car audio system than you, the independent car audio dealer. You’re the one who can build and tune a system to perform at its peak level.

IASCA’s Retail Dealer membership gives you the tools to set yourself apart as the professionals in your market area. Contact us at travis@iasca.com for more details.

Arc Audio

Since its conception in 1998, ARC Audio has created one of the world’s largest networks of dedicated professionals, championship competitors and qualified dealers, each showing their commitment in sharing the vision of creating one of the largest family oriented networks in the mobile electronics industry. With product lines including exclusive car audio amplifier and sound processor designs by Robert Zeff, and speakers and subwoofers designed by leading engineers in the USA and Denmark, ARC Audio is your home to one of the most diverse selections of audio products available worldwide. Experience the same level of perfection and quality in your own vehicle with the same products that has led ARC Audio to more multiple worldwide sound quality championships by making ARC Audio part of your personalized in vehicle musical experience.

Arc Audio is a manufacturer of high quality car audio products from amplifiers to speakers, subwoofers, motorcycle installation kits and many more mobile electronics related products.

Team Arc is a car audio competition team that has won numerous Championships in the Sound Quality arena; headed by Fred Lynch, Team Arc has more than 20 U.S. members who all share the passion of car audio competition and travel to major events across the USA.

For more information on Arc Audio, visit their website at http://www.arcaudio.com