IASCA has a competition format for every type of car and car audio enthusiast, from classic cars to today’s tuners and everything n between. Check out what we have to offer below!

IASCA Competition Formats

  • SQC (Sound Quality Challenge) Learn how to make your system sound the best it can!
  • IQC (Installation Quality Challenge) Worldwide standards for system installation are at your fingertips!
  • BASS BOXING – Loud and Clear… see who’s loudest and the best sounding! Mobile PA!
  • IdBL (IASCA dB League) The science of loud!
  • Motosounds/Powersounds – Competition for motorcycle, UTV, ATV, or three wheeler sound systems!
  • Jeep Beats – Competition format designed just for Jeeps!
  • Tuner Jam – Car show competition for everything from classics to tuners and everything in between!
  • Niteglow – Accent lighting competition… the brighter the better!
  • MACS (Mobile Audio Car Show) A blend of all IASCA formats in a simple, easy to follow competition that everyone can do.

No matter what your automotive passion is, IASCA has a place for you to show off your pride and joy.

Time To Learn

  • IASCA Judges aren’t just there to evaluate your car and system, they’re there to help you improve and teach you how to take advantage of the opportunities available to you
  • It doesn’t matter if you place first or not, we’re here to help you gain valuable car audio knowledge!

Click here to download the rules!