IASCA Worldwide announces new SPL format

IASCA Worldwide creates a new SPL format called ‘Demo Boxing’. Based on the popular IASCA Bass Boxing rules, Demo Boxing comprises of two classes; Wall and No Wall. Competition determines the top two qualifiers in each class who battle against each other in a final 90 second round to generate the highest average SPL over that time frame. The highest average 90 second score will be the Event Champion.

“Demo Boxing is a simple and fun format designed to allow competitors to show off their systems to an audience and compete for awards and CAP points.”  said IASCA President Travis Chin. “As the world of car audio competition evolves, IASCA Worldwide’s goal is to bring positive, challenging and fun competition formats to car audio enthusiasts and competitors and entertainment for all those involved.”

The format offers competitors the option to compete with any or all doors and windows open, whichever works best to increase their average SPL number over the time frame.

Demo Boxing will make its debut at SoundCheck Customs in Lafayette, IN on March 26th, 2023. Subsequent events are scheduled  for April 1st, 2023 at Kollars Kallout in Niceville, FL. and  Sight & Sound Audio Connections in Centralia, WA on April 16th. For more information on IASCA Worldwide and the IASCA Demo Boxing, visit iasca.com or contact President Travis Chin at [email protected]. For the rules of Demo Boxing, go to https://iasca.com/download/spl/2023-BB-Rules.pdf. For more info on shows, go to https://iasca.com/events/.