Indiana Sound Quality (ISQ)

ISQ executive

Indiana Sound Quality (ISQ) is a group of sound quality enthusiasts based in the State of Indiana, who are dedicated to bringing the “fun” back into car audio and an avid supporter of IASCA.

Most of us can remember what car audio was like back in the 90’s. For those who are new to the scene, things were a little different back then to say the least…

Today’s industry is much more competitive, integration in the newer cars have made things more difficult, and even the economy has played a role in the stagnant growth and interest. The 90’s were the climax of the “car audio high” and the spawn of many new innovations. For those of us who remember those days, they were the pinnacle of the car audio scene in so many ways. We yearn for those days to return. Fortunately, we see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Indiana Sound Quality (ISQ) is a group, among others, who are dedicated to bringing the “fun” back into car audio. Founded in December of 2015, ISQ began as a simple Facebook page started by the creator, Mark Williams, in hopes to bring like-minded individuals together all for one cause; the love of car audio and sound quality. From the beginning, ISQ has had a mission statement:

ISQ has been created to bring back and encourage sound quality throughout the state of Indiana. We welcome everyone regardless of race, sex, age, religion, vehicle, or experience. The one thing that unites us all is Sound Quality…. 

As stated above, ISQ had primarily focusing on the state of Indiana, but the page soon began to expand not only to neighboring states but even outside the US. As the group continued to grow, an admin team was quickly appointed in order to manage the growth and to steer the direction of the page. While the team assisted in the daily activities of the group, the president, with the help of the team, started affiliating with local businesses and car audio manufacturers to go a step beyond just a Facebook page. ISQ began conducting IASCA SQC events, holding contests, scheduling informative classes, and doing meet and greets. All this was done with these things in mind; meet the goals of the group, listen to its members, and try to help them grow in the car audio field to fulfill their aspirations as they strive for continuous improvement.

With over 600 members in a matter of months, the growth shows no sign of slowing down. Despite this, ISQ is dedicated to maintaining the “family like” atmosphere to prove that we can be more than just a club, but a team. Hundreds of members have shown their support and loyalty by buying shirts, hats, decals, and other gear to support the brand. The team takes special pride in this as it shows the family like environment and feeling of belonging. ISQ would like to personally thank EVERY member that supports and makes the group possible.

Today, ISQ is busier than ever and continues to grow rapidly. We would like to encourage anyone who is into sound quality and car audio to come check us out! You can visit us on Facebook under “Indiana Sound Quality” or on our website for more information.

Thank you and SQ on!