BOOM MAT (Design Engineering Inc.)



IASCA welcomes Design Engineering Inc. to its family of Industry Supporter Members

Design Engineering Inc., one of the foremost suppliers of automotive thermal tuning products, has aligned with IASCA to promote their line of products to the 12 volt industry. Design Engineering Inc. supplies automotive products such as “CryO2” cooling systems for fuel, air intake, intercoolers and many other applications, “Radiator Relief” radiator products to improve cooling and efficiency, Ny-Trex diesel performance products, SPA Turbo systems, DEi radiator hose and exhaust wraps that help cool exhausts and radiator tape that helps seal leaks, and their full line of “BOOM MAT” Thermal Acoustic Control products, both generic and vehicle specific. BOOM MAT products have been featured on national television in Spike TV’s “Powerblock” and SPEED TV’s “Trucks” programs.

“We’re excited to be aligned with IASCA Worldwide for the introduction of our product lines, especially our BOOM MAT product line, to the 12 volt industry” said Mike Zenone, Business Development Manager for Design Engineering Inc. “IASCA’s ability to reach a greater segment of the 12 volt industry, both on a national and global level, allows us to open our product lines to a new segment outside the automotive industry. For people that have a need to control the acoustic properties of their vehicles, BOOM MAT products offer opportunities that many traditional sound deadening companies overlook.”

Design Engineering Inc’s BOOM MAT products offer sound dampening solutions including sheet, spray on and vehicle specific thermal acoustic control, as well as speaker baffles in 16 different sizes to fit any application. Design Engineering products are available through most major automotive retailers, such as Advanced Auto Parts and Pep Boys, and dealer opportunities are available for 12 volt retailers.

“Design Engineering Inc’s BOOM MAT and automotive product lines fit well into the 12 volt demographic.” Moe Sabourin Director of Operations at IASCA Worldwide stated  “Car audio enthusiasts not only want their sound systems to perform at their peak efficiency, but they also want their vehicles to perform at their peak efficiency as well. The DEi product lines offer great solutions to fit these needs. We’re proud to welcome Design Engineering Inc to IASCA’s family of 12 volt industry supporters and encourage all 12 volt enthusiasts to explore the opportunities that DEi provides”

For more information on IASCA, contact Moe Sabourin at [email protected]. For more information on Design Engineering Inc. and the BOOM MAT, CryO2, Ny-Trex, SPA Turbo, Radiator Relief and DEi product lines, visit their website at For dealer opportunities with DEi, contact Mike Zenone at [email protected]




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