Bass Boxing

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IASCA BASS BOXING is a type of SPL competition (sound pressure level) using full range music as the main judging criteria. Bass Boxing pits several competitors against each other until one competitor prevails as “Champion”. It’s a true test of how a system performs in every day applications.

The Qualifying Round is a 30 second round. Competitors are allowed to use any approved, commercially available music. IASCA Judges, using an approved SPL meter, will register the average SPL score during that timeframe. All competitors compete in the qualifying round and the top two contenders with the highest average SPL score in each Bass Boxing Division will move on to the final rounds.

Final Rounds – Rounds 1, 2 and 3 pit the top two competitors against each other in an all out, full range musical SPL competition. In these rounds, competitors may once again choose any approved commercially available music. Each Round has specific criteria; please read the General Bass Boxing Rules for details. These rounds will also last 30 seconds each and the Judges will register the highest average SPL score during that timeframe.

In all Bass Boxing competition rounds, the full range of music (not just bass) must be heard cleanly and clearly by everyone, including judges and spectators, so the goal is to build a system that sounds as loud and good outside as it does inside!

If this format of competition sounds like fun to you, you’re absolutely right; it is! As a matter of fact, it’s fun for everyone because anyone with an amplifier and a subwoofer can compete in one of our several Bass Boxing Divisions. It’s also fun for the spectators to see these cars perform, so put on your BASS  BOXING “gloves” and have a great time with us!

Click here to download the rules for IASCA Bass Boxing

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