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IASCA Worldwide is proud to have dB Research, makers of dB Drive, dB Link, Quantum Audio, Hypnotic and Bass Inferno car audio products, as an Industry Supporting Member of IASCA’s efforts  as a Premium Industry Member.


“We’re excited to have dB Research and their collective brands supporting us” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide “dB Research is a powerful company with global reach, who focuses not only on competition, but on what their customers are looking for in car audio product; dB Drive team members like Alex Mendoza and Danny Hays, who bring their competition vehicles to numerous events across the country and around the world, show the general public the quality of the product in competition which translates into customers in dealers’ showrooms. The company truly understands the value of IASCA’s programs designed to drive customers into retailers’ shops and build exposure for our industry.”


dB Drive has been a staunch supporter of IASCA for many years. “dB Research is proud to support IASCA in its efforts” said Danny Aguilar, Product Development and Tech Support manager for dB Research “We believe that the organization is one of the most essential components of the mobile electronics industry around the world; the standards they have set for high performance car audio and competition globally, is a testament to their value for our industry.”


For more information on dB Research and their product lines, including dB Drive, dB Link, Quantum Audio and Bass Inferno, visit www.dbdrive.net.


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