Even in today’s economic climate, there is still great interest in IASCA competition in Europe.

Currently, IASCA affiliated activity in Europe is focused in Italy, where IASCA Italia President Stefano Eupani has been working hard to revive IASCA Sound Quality competition all across Europe.

IASCA Italia President Stefano Eupani is currently working with other European nations to revive IASCA competition in their countries;it’s IASCA Worldwide’s hope that his efforts will bring new countries to the IASCA family. IASCA Worldwide is seeking motivated individuals dedicated to the promotion and growth of the mobile electronics industry and competition in European countries to become the pioneers of IASCA’s rebirth in Europe. If you’re a person whose passion for car audio is above the rest and are interested in making a difference, IASCA would like to hear from you; you can either email IASCA Director of Worldwide Operations, Moe Sabourin, at, or IASCA Italia President Stefano Eupani at

Europe is a great continent with great opportunities in car audio; you could be one of the pioneers who bring car audio back to life!


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