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In 2011, IASCA Worldwide reached an agreement with German Maestro to implement their GMP8.35 studio monitor headphones as the “official reference level” for evaluating Tonal Accuracy and Spectral Balance at all IASCA sanctioned events and Judges Training Seminars.


In a meeting with Ray Windsor, President of German Maestro USA, both companies came to a 3 year agreement to utilize the GMP8.35 studio monitor headphones as the official reference level for evaluating tonality in IASCA Sound Quality (SQC) competition.


“We are very excited about our alliance with German Maestro” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA “We had the GMP8.35s thoroughly tested  by a number of current and former IASCA Sound Quality Judges and Trainers, as well as by acoustic engineers and veteran competitors. Everyone who experienced the GMP8.35s said they were one of the most natural sounding headphones they have ever heard. With their seal of approval, IASCA chose to implement these units as a teaching tool for their judges, to learn what to listen for when evaluating automotive sound systems for Tonal Accuracy and Spectral Balance. The GMP8.35s will now be used in all IASCA Judges Training Seminars and at events, to establish a reference level sound that mirrors IASCA sound quality rules.”


“I have been a long time supporter of the IASCA mission and concept” said Ray Windsor, President of German Maestro USA “Under the current direction I am confident that IASCA will add value to the business in the form of creating new consumers to visit and purchase products and services from the specialty retailer.  German Maestro is quite proud that IASCA has selected German Maestro headphones as a sound quality training tool for its worldwide judge training sessions.”


The German Maestro GMP8.35 studio monitor headphones will be available to all IASCA Certified Judges through a special promotional Judge’s package, which will include other tools to assist IASCA Judges in their duties.


“This is another step forward in our continuing mission to re-establish consistency in Sound Quality judging” Sabourin continued to say “With SQC, the implementation of a minimum volume level for sound judging, plus the addition of the German Maestro GMP8.35 headphones to establish a reference level in SQC Judging, competitors can rest assured that they will be receiving consistent and professional evaluations of their sound systems in IASCA competition.”


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