IQC (Installation Quality Challenge)

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The intent of IASCA’s Installation Quality Challenge format and its rules is to provide a fair, fun and unbiased judging format, evaluating the installation of automotive sound systems and related components in four main criteria; Safety, Integrity, Integration and Craftsmanship.

In IQC, competitors are also evaluated on their knowledge of the system and its construction through Presentation and rewarded for their ingenuity in Creative Elements scoring.

As in SQC, there are seven competition classes, based on the competitor’s experience and the complexity of the installation. In other words, a straightforward installation will not be competing against a full blown custom installation. The Classes are Rookie, Amateur, Pro/Am, Pro, Ultimate, Expert Solo and Expert.

IQC judging is performed using one judge who will evaluate the installation of the sound system in an objective manner, using the standards set in this rule book.

  • Judges will evaluate the installation of the sound system in the order of the criteria on the score sheet; 1-Membership, 2– Presentation, 3 – System Safety, 4-Installation Integrity, 5-Cosmetic Integration, 6-Craftsmanship, 7 – Creative Elements.
  • Membership and Presentation are scored by whether you’re an IASCA member or not and how well you present your system installation to the Judge
  • System Safety is evaluated by how safely the system was installed; an example of safety would be if the system is properly fused and the proper size wire was used, or if there are any wires hanging loose that could potentially catch on something and cause a short circuit
  • Installation Integrity is about how well each component of the system is installed; is it mounted solidly? Is it properly protected from potential damage?
  • Cosmetic Integration evaluates how well the added equipment “blends in” to the automotive environment. Is it mounted square and flush? Are the gaps around the component equal on all sides? Does it “look like” it belongs there?
  • Craftsmanship points are awarded to the installer for how well the work was performed.
  • Creative Element points are earned by thinking “outside the box” and adding creative “elements” to your installation that improve the system’s performance, longevity, serviceability and cosmetics.
  • All Installation judging will be performed by one judge, with the exception of the higher Classes at major events, as determined by the Head Judge.
  • IQC judging criteria is the same for all classes, with the exception of Creative Elements scoring levels.
  • Judges will utilize the charts as found in the rules to determine some of the installation judging criteria, as required.
  • In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the highest score in the following sections, in the following order;

1. Creative Elements

2. Craftsmanship

3. Cosmetic Integration

4. Installation Integrity

5. System Safety

6. Presentation

7. If a tie remains, the competitors will share the position equally.


Vehicles allowed to compete in IQC must be motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, COVs, designed and built by the manufacturer for the purpose of being driven on the road by the general public.

Vehicles such as trailers, motorhomes, golf carts, motorcycles, etc. are not eligible to compete.

Click here to download the IQC rules

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