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Since the beginning, Orion has been all about High Performance Car Audio and Hardcore Attitude… Attitude that is being hammered into the DNA of every piece of industrial-strength Orion Car Audio equipment, and the players that use and abuse it, the bass heads and boulevard bullies who will testify that the baddest car and the loudest  system ride on the same chassis – theirs !! SPL competitors, world champions, hot rodders, urban cruisers and the ones that just want to have fun alike are motivated to roll with the bullet proof performance and legendary muscle that is Orion Car Audio.

MD Audio Engineering was founded in Miami, Fl. As a private company in 2011 by the owner of a very large and well known car audio products distributor and manufacturer. This company has been known through the years and in the industry as the pivotal or pioneer company for the transformation of the car audio market in South America. For manufacturing products that are at very competitive prices and a much higher quality and efficiency for supporting the great and extreme use of the car audio enthusiastic fans in this countries.

The founder and current CEO of the company graduated as an Electronics Engineer in the 80’s and has been a car audio SPL competitor in the US and South American countries from a very young age, which led him to become as mentioned above a distributor of many of the brands that are currently in the market. As a passionate Car Audio competitor himself in the 80`s when Orion was the best car audio brand in the industry, he saw the Orion brand’s full potential and capability. His goal is to bring back those days with modern technology and the best school knowledge, that is the feedback of the consumers and the advices of the installers, engineers and manufacturers of today`s car audio products. The company focus is to transform and take Orion to be a brand that is fully affordable, reliable and modern for all those who want to have a car audio product in their car and expect to get the best of it. From the entry level every day user to the most extreme competitor on all categories.

For more information on Orion car audio products visit http://www.orioncaraudio.com/

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