Founded in 1980, Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of consumer technology and car audio installation hardware – committed to delivering quality, value and unmatched customer service.

Scosche finds inspiration in the local lifestyle, culture, music and people.  The designers and engineers at Scosche develop products that reflect a rich heritage in audio.   These influences can be seen in the accessories and products that are now in the hands and vehicles of people stretched all across the globe.

With over 95 patents and countless industry awards it is easy to see why Scosche is consistently at the forefront of technology and innovation.


January 24th, 2011 – Daytona Beach, Florida

IASCA continues its work towards increasing consistency in Sound Quality Judging with the help of Scosche Industries

IASCA Worldwide has just reached an agreement with Scosche to implement their SPL1000 Boomstick portable SPL meter as the “meter of choice” for establishing the 90dB SPL listening level at all IASCA sanctioned SQC events.

In meetings with Rick Ross of Scosche Industries, both companies came to an agreement to utilize the SPL1000 BOOMSTICK portable SPL meter as the meter of choice; Scosche will supply IASCA with a supply of their SPL1000 Boomsticks to show their support for the organization’s program and IASCA will support them through Industry Membership and advertising on the IASCA website.

“We are very excited about our agreement with Scosche. When we brought our proposal to them, they were 100% behind it all the way.” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA “The SPL1000 Boomstick is the ideal portable SPL meter for IASCA Certified Judges to use when establishing the 90dB listening level as per the 2011 SQC rules. Having this rule in place and Scosche supplying us with the SPL1000’s, competitors can rest assured that all sound systems will be judged at a consistent volume level, increasing the consistency of our sound judging format.”

The Scosche SPL1000 Boomstick portable SPL meter will be available to IASCA Certified Judges through a special promotional Judge’s package, which will include other tools to assist IASCA Judges in their duties.

“This is another step forward in our continuing mission to re-establish consistency in Sound Quality judging” Sabourin continued to say “With our new Sound Quality formats, the implementation of the Scosche SPL1000 Boomstick to establish a minimum volume level for sound judging and the headphones for increased consistency in Tonal Accuracy Judging, competitors can rest assured that they will be receiving consistent and professional evaluations of their sound systems in IASCA competition.”

For more information on Scosche products and their SPL1000 Boomsticks, visit their website at

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