XS Power





XS Power, makers of high performance batteries for car audio systems has been a supporting member of IASCA’s efforts for a number of years.


“XS Power and IASCA teamed up last year for the first IASCA Competitor Membership Drive which was a huge success” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide “Coupled with their $25,000 competitor contest, the program proved beneficial to sales of XS Power products as well as IASCA Competitor Memberships.”


“XS Power is proud to join forces with IASCA in a joint effort to help spread interest in mobile audio activities in the US and worldwide.” Said Scottie Johnson, owner of XS Power “We believe by encouraging memberships in car audio competition organizations like IASCA, we will help to increase consumer awareness and help to drive business to the 12V retailers.  IASCA does a great job in supporting the 12V community and XS Power is proud to be included in these activities!”


For more information on XS Power, visit www.4xspower.com.

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