MACS (Mobile Audio Car Show)

MACS logo 06

MACS is a fun format for beginners. Oftentimes, newcomers can feel threatened by veteran competitors who come in and dominate in competition; so IASCA created the MACS format to allow newcomers to experience competition┬áby opening up their vehicles and showing off their systems! Veteran competitors are not allowed to compete at MACS events… this for all of you who are new to competition.

At a MACS event, competitors will be awarded placements for Best Audio, Best Video, Best Installation, Best Security System and Best Theme.

So if you want to try competing, but don’t want to be going up against the “big guys” in the sport, MACS is for you!

Check with your local car audio dealer to see if they host MACS events in your area.

Click here to download the IASCA MACS Rules!

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